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Orientali Streetfood Bar is an Asian fastfood restaurant in Gent, for students and non-students, offering a unique selection of the Asian streetfoods and presenting them in authentic ways as we do it in Asia.

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Our Restaurant has been
present for over 9 years
in the market.

Our Story

We Make every moment special

Orientali makes excellent meals with affordable prices for everyone. All meals are healthy, fresh and delicious! The meals are based on the Asian Streetfood culture. Streetfood means ready-to-eat food sold in a street by a local vendor, often from a portable stall. The food is really delicious and always freshly made! As Orientali has the image of being the best fastfood restaurant in the Gent student area, we want our customers to have the best gastronomical and customer-friendly experience when they come to visit us. Our main focus is serving fresh quality meals at affordable prices.

Come and enjoy our food!

Our Kitchen

We serve delicious Korean and Thai dishes, delicately prepared and cooked fresh!

We also have various starters, from Nems (Vietnamese spring rolls) to Japanese gyozas and tempura shrimps, and much more!

Edjun Palma

Making your food delicious and tasty.